A science-studded Steampunk smackdown full of decapitated heads that sing, Tong wars, bacon sex, German holiday demons, and the Potato Homunculus! Back by popular demand, the White Street Society are a band of 19th Century gentleman adventurers who investigate the supernatural, often with violence, sometimes with science.

Animals and pregnant women who can read are advised to KEEP AWAY as this collection of cases contains shocking details that are sure to tighten the corsets and spin the mustaches of all gentle readers. Tales of the White Street Society was originally published by Pseudopod, the audio fiction site, and you can listen to "The Hairy Ghost" and "The Corpse Army of Khartoum" for absolutely free. You will come away from these shocking stories with an understanding of the supernatural wonders that these bold men of the 19th century were compelled to shoot, poison, burn, and beat to death with shovels.