Satanic Panic!
Screenings start September 6!

I wrote Satanic Panic with Ted Geoghegan and if you need to see a movie about a pizza delivery woman fighting the forces of darkness so that she can get her tip, then this one’s for you. It started streaming on all kinds of platforms Friday, Sept. 6 and also opened in the following theaters:


Iron Fists & Kung Fu Kicks
Festival Screenings & Streaming start September 19th!
Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX), Beyond Fest (Los Angeles, CA), Sitges (Spain), Urban Action Showcase (NYC)

Hong Kong movies are my great true love, I write about them all the time, and generally won’t shut up about them. It makes me tiresome. But occasionally something good comes from my inability to keep quiet, and that’s the case here. I’m the writer of the Australian documentary Iron Fists & Kung Fu Kicks which traces the Hong Kong martial arts movie from its rebirth in 1967, to its spread around the world — from Times Square, Paris, Uganda, and beyond. We interview everyone from Ron “The Black Dragon” Van Clief, to Fab 5 Freddy, to Sammo Hung, to Jade Leung, to Cheng Pei-pei, and there’s amazing stuff in this movie. It’ll screen at a bunch of film festivals, then start streaming (or show up on DVD) on Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNow, Xbox, and Redbox around September 19, then hit Netflix by the end of the year. And I’ll be at the Urban Action Showcase screening and moderating a panel afterwards featuring Michael Jai White, Cynthia Rothrock, Robert Samuels, Ron Van Clief, Warrington Hudlin, and Ric Meyers! Also, the trailer is a nice thick slab of awesome.

Southern Indie Bookseller’s Alliance
Sunday, September 15 @ noon
Spartanburg, SC

I’m a guest at SIBA and on Sunday at 2pm I’ll be part of the Moveable Feast of Authors, pitching my upcoming book, The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, and signing and giving away ARCs to folks who’ve registered for the convention. It’ll be nice to be back in my home state (hawking a book that’s set in my home state) even though I’ll be upcountry and not down in the swampy low country where lies the primordial ooze from which I crawled.

Saugatuck StoryFest
Saturday, September 28 @ noon
Westport Public Library, Westport, CT

I’m doing a panel about horror with Stephen Graham Jones, Gwendolyn Kiste, J. W. Ocker, Mallory O’Meara, and Paul Tremblay for an hour, then I’ll be introducing keynote speaker, R.L. Stine, the man, the myth, the legend. It’s free and in Connecticut, which is fancy, so how can you say no?

Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival
Saturday, October 12
Haverhill Public Library, Haverhill, MA

For the second year in a row I’ll be at the slamming, amazing, people-packed, eye-popping Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival. It’s a tornado of insanity that blew my mind last year with just how many people show up. I’d never heard of this event before and it was jammed. So I’m back! Because I know a good thing when I see it! And I’ll be doing at least one panel about obscure movies, if you like that kind of thing.

SÉANCE Stories, Part II: Spiritualism Cemetery Tour
Thursday, October 17 @ 6:30pm
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets - $10 (on sale now!)

My friend, Shannon Taggart, has been photographing seances for 15 years and she’s finally putting that work together in her book, SÉANCE, (which you can pre-order at a 20% discount). With an introduction by Dan “Ghostbusters” Aykroyd, it’s a pretty amazing document of modern day spiritualism, and while Shannon is way more fascinated with ectoplasm than I am (it grosses me out) I can recommend it without reservation (except for the ectoplasm). To celebrate her book launch I’m leading a nighttime tour of Green-Wood cemetery with Green-Wood historian and tour guide, Allison Meier, stopping off at the graves of dead spiritualists. Along the way, I’ll be telling a one-hour story about spiritualism, life after death, and gothic mansions where mothers desperate to contact the souls of their deceased children enslaved teenage mediums. I’m really nervous about this, so that means it’s going to be fun!

And that’s it for 2019. I’m working on two new books between now and March, and I have The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires coming out in April, 2020, and I’ll be doing a ton of events through the spring, summer, and fall of next year. But if you want to avoid me for the rest of the year, this here’s your cheat sheet!