Paperbacks from Hell LIVE at The Royal Cinema in Toronto
Thursday, November 30 @ 8pm
Royal Cinema, Toronto, ON, Canadia

Paperbacks from Hell LIVE escapes America and travels to the Great White North, a land formerly admired for its freedom and commitment to liberal principles. Well, I'll be pissing all over that proud tradition and dragging Canada down to my level tonight. Tickets are only $10 Canadian money, and they're on sale now!

Paperbacks from Hell LIVE at FIT
Tuesday, December 5 @ 5:30pm
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, NY

If you're into illustration, this is where you need to be. Not only will I be doing the live performance of Paperbacks from Hell but I'll be following it up with an hour-long on-stage conversation with SO MANY COVER ARTISTS: Jill Bauman! Tom Hallman! Lisa Falkenstern! Mark and Stephanie Gerber! Also, in the audience will be Ed Soyka and Vincent Di Fate who may even join us onstage. Don't miss it!!!


Paperbacks from Hell LIVE! & Creepshow
Friday, December 8 @ 7pm
GE Theatre at Proctors, Schenectady, NY

Thanks to the good people at Proctors, I'll be appearing in their gorgeous theater and doing a live performance of Paperbacks from Hell followed by a screening of the classic George Romero movie, Creepshow. Because the screamplay was written by Stephen King, I'm going to be adapting my performance to the event and making it a special Stephen King edition. Tickets are $9/adults, $6/students with ID. If you miss George Romero, who passed away this year, or if you like fun, this is an event you can't afford to miss because if you miss it everyone's going to assume that you hate George Romero (what has he ever done to you?) and that you hate fun, too. Your reputation is on the line.