Grady Hendrix & Fred Van Lente in PA!
Monday, July 10 @ 7pm
Wellington Square Books, Exton, PA

Fred's got a new book out called Ten Dead Comedians, and I've got the awesome paperback of My Best Friend's Exorcism hitting stores on July 11. So both of us are sitting down with our editor, Quirk's Jason Rekulak, to plot destruction. In public! Right where people can hear us! Like we don't even care! Also, sweet lewt will be distributed.

Grady Hendrix & Fred Van Lente in NJ!
Tuesday, July 11 @ 7pm
Short Stories, Madison NJ

Celebrate publication day of the paperback of My Best Friend's Exorcism by killing a fatted calf, or an orphan, and setting their body on fire so that the smoke rises into the nether realms to please those dark gods who demand supplication on this most terrible of days.

Grady Hendrix & Fred Van Lente in NY!
Wednesday, July 12 @ 7pm
Astoria Bookshop, Astoria, NY

This War of the Gargantuas reaches its passionate climax in Astoria, where this middle-class and commercial neighborhood in the northwestern corner of the New York City borough of Queens will be reduced to red hot rubble by our antics.

Schlock-O-Rama 2017
Friday and Saturday, July 28 & 29
Mahoning Drive-in, Lehighton, PA

The 100% nerd programmed and managed Mahoning Drive-in is one of my favorite places in the world to see movies and I will be here for their two-day Schlock-O-Rama show to sell books! I'll have paperbacks of My Best Friend's Exorcism, posters, and secret treats. Plus, where else are you going to watch prime cheese n'sleaze like Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, Blood Feast, and The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters.

Summerland Lost
Friday, August 4 @ 8pm
PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA

This Friday I'm super-psyched to be doing Summerland Lost in the best venue possible: PhilaMOCA! Formerly a mausoleum showroom built back in 1865, it is the most awesome, morbid, death-obsessed place possible to present my morbid, death-obsessed one-man show. Doors open at 7:30pm, and tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door, and they're on sale now! Now! Now! You know it's legit because it's even got a Facebook Event page.