Paperbacks from Hell LIVE
Recycled Books, Denton, TX
Saturday, March 17 @ 6pm

Paperbacks from Hell LIVE hits Texas like a twister! Come on out and hear the good news about Nazi leprechauns, buy some books, and get drunk (I hope).

Paperbacks from Hell LIVE
Live Nightclub, Ann Arbor, MI
Thursday, 3/29

And now I strike northwards and invade Michigan, courtesy of the Ann Arbor District Library. Rumor has it that cutting edge horror author Kathe Koja might be attending!

Paperbacks from Hell LIVE
SPACE, Portland, ME
Friday, April 27 @ 7pm

The good folks at The Green Hand Bookstore are bringing me to Stephen King country to do Paperabacks from Hell LIVE, followed by a screening of Stuart Gordon's Reanimator. Since it's based on an H.P. Lovecraft story, I'll be adding special bonus Lovecraft (and Stephen King) content to the show for tonight only! Here's the Facebook event page if you want to spread the good news.