Paperbacks from Hell has won a Stoker Award and it's been chosen as one of the Best Books of 2017 by both Barnes & Noble and The Onion's AVClub! That means when you take it out to dinner, you're picking up the check!

"as funny as it is engaging" - The Washington Post

"The [paperback] boom may have ended, but it lives — vividly, gruesomely — in this collection." - The New York Times

"fabulously detailed, hilariously intense..." - The Guardian

"...absolutely essential, mandatory reading." - Brian Keene, author

“A hugely entertaining, lightning-paced and knowledgeable history. I love it!”- Mick Garris, creator of Showtime's Masters of Horror

"A ferociously entertaining spook-ride through yesterday's horror fiction...This is a helluva lot of fun!!!”- Frank Henenlotter, director of Basket Case

Paperbacks from Hell chronicles the history of the horror paperback publishing boom that started in the early Seventies with the release of Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Other and died in the early Nineties as serial killers lured horror paperbacks into their murder basements. I interviewed lots of authors, and tons of artists, to tell the story of how for one, brief 24-year period, bookstores, drugstores, and supermarket spinner racks were awash in books about horny Bigfoots, Nazi leprechauns, killer maggots, and rabbis blasting KGB demons with super-shofars. Featuring never-before-published artwork by some of the mad geniuses who painted these gorgeous covers, Paperbacks from Hell follows the horror paperback boom from its roots in books about Satanic possession, to its death at the hands of serial killers

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