In the back of my copy of The Last Canadian there are two pages of ads for Canadian Historical Fiction in the Paperjacks line. "At last!" the page hyperventilates, "A series of human, entertaining novels set against true events in Canadian history!" It all sounds so gripping I don't know where to begin!

Hit and Run by Tom Aldermann - An American kills a Canadian child in a hit and run accident...then runs for the border.

Tales of the Foreign Legion by Walter Kanitz - a well-known Toronto radio personality and former member of the French Foreign Legion tells the vivid and often violent story of the men he lived with.

Yellowknife by Ray Price - The rich and bawdy stories of the Canadian North, a new yet ancient land, told in the inimitable style of Ray Price.

Woman in a Blue Hat by Norma West Linder - A young wife is kidnapped by drug freaks and forced to star in a filthy movie while her husband frantically searches for her. (strangest of all, Norma West Linder was a prize-winning Canadian poet who wrote this sort of scary poem, "Hate List.")

My favorite description on the list, however, is this one from Fire Over Eden by Joy Carroll: "A rarity...Canadian history in an exciting and readable manner." As opposed to all that unexciting, unreadable Canadian history.