Paperbacks From Hell
Saturday, August 19 @ 9am
Necronomicon, Providence, RI

Just when you thought life couldn't get any more horrifying, I'm doing Paperbacks from Hell at the godawful hour of 9am in Providence, RI. Does God hate me? Maybe he hates you? Either way, come drink your breakfast beers and eat free doughnuts while listening to the show that Dread Central calls "rapturous and often hilarious." And, apparently, part of this complete breakfast.

The Funkadelic 70s Marathon
Saturday, September 9 @ 12:30pm
Anthology Film Archives, NYC, NY

Over the past couple of years I've done two 80s marathons that were sold-out blasts, and now we're going back in time to the 70s, when the Bronx was burning, men dressed like peacocks, and life was full of soul. I'll be screening six lost cinematic classics from the 70s and the titles won't be announced until they hit the screen because it's more fun that way. Trust me, you've never seen these movies on the big screen before. Two of them have never been on DVD, and five of them have never been on Blu-Ray. A mixture of 16mm, 35mm, and restored DCPs, three of these movies are seriously neglected masterpieces, and three of them are the freakiest, funkiest mayhem machines you've ever encountered. Tickets are only $25 and they're on sale now.

Paperbacks From Hell Launch Party
Monday, September 18 @ 6:30pm
Dirt Candy, NYC, NY

This is it! Paperbacks from Hell is coming out tomorrow, and I want YOU to join me at Dirt Candy to celebrate. Books will be on sale (a day early!), there will be an open bar, and free food. What more could you possibly want? All you have to do to attend is buy a book! And we'll have them. Right next to the bar!

Paperbacks from Hell Live at the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies
Tuesday, September 19 @ 7pm
Film Noir Cinema, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

The spooktacular, international Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies relaunches its New York City chapter in September with a live performance of Paperbacks from Hell including all the songs, wild covers, and gross readings you've come to know and love. And it's happening on the same day the books are hitting stores! In addition, I'm extremely excited to announce that immediately after the show, I'm moderating a panel of artists who are responsible for these insane covers. They'll answer all your questions, from how they made these iconic covers, to why that skeleton is playing a banjo. Right now, the participants are:

  • Jill Bauman - if you've seen a doll on a horror paperback cover, it was probably painted by Jill Bauman. A longtime fan favorite, she has illustrated covers for everyone from Harlan Ellison, to Ramsey Campbell, to Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Peter Straub.
  • Lisa Falkenstern - award-winning artist, Lisa Falkenstern, has painted some of the most memorable horror covers in the business, and she was the regular VC Andrews cover artist for 15 years.
  • Thomas Hallman - still creating book covers today, Tom Hallman's distinctive style has graced everything from forgotten creature horror novels like Gila! to popular paperbacks like Stephen King's The Green Mile.

Tickets are only $12 in advance, and $15 at the door. And they're on sale now!